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I vvrote a poem and I’d like to share. It’s a mimicry of “VVhat Then?” By VVilliam Yeats

Her chosen comrades thought at school,

She must be nuts, crazy, a loon.

She thought she’d live a hero,

"Nevermore" like the raven by Poe," Nevermore"

Everything she said vvasn’t heard,

After s many years she’s free.

Love as love in need.

"Nevermore" Poe vvrote, "Nevermore"

No love like the one she had,

VVith one other her light is found.

But vvho is she novv?


Take me dovvn a notch

break my heart

Put me in my place

let’s go back to start

Family vvhat do you vvant from me

I can only be me

I’m not perfect

Nor vvill I try to be

take me back to the hole

bury me deeper dovvn

I knovv you dig deeper

I knovv you drag me further

Dravv your knife from my chest

take a breath like the rest

I’m still standing as I am

You can’t make or break me novv

Just let me shovv myself out


Golden wings of crystal light

the song that helps me sleep at night

Clear eyes and bright white hope

golden tears tied rope by rope 

Bliss and joy reflects through

there is an angel in you

Happy soaked in rain and sun

nothing harmful can be done

An angel kiss upon the brow

as the spirits parts from you now

the song ringing in little ears

to keep them safe over the years


There is no hero for me

I must fight 

There is no rescue for me

I must stand 

There is no love for me

I must find

There is no home for me

I must wander 

There is no light for me

I must see

But there is what isn’t there

I must believe

But there is in hiding

I must hope

But there is in everything

I must love

But there is hope for me

I must not give up.  

The strings of my mind each pull in time,

the dread I feel so deep inside.

I permit my self inflicted crime,

I try to make these feelings hide.

But wait, this isn’t right,

there is a place for hope to stand.

This is the idea you must fight,

thoughts to sieve through like sand.

There is good is this losing world,

the life you have is all you’ve got.

The thoughts inside your heard whirled,

thinking all your chances are shot.

But wait, this isn’t how its ought to be,

look for the love that you can’t see.

This isn’t over for you my friend,

with my life I’ll defend.

Look at the light in the sky,

forget those thoughts that make you cry.

With all my strength I’ll take your hand,

together we will always stand.


I feel like this point was twisted and failed 

Now because my brain is restless as hell

I too am human,

But indeed do I differ.

I like the same gender,

But still I bleed red.

I feel a stranger to my body,

But still I am human.

I need love,

But still to be me.

I strive for self acceptance,

But still its different.

I am only trying to be me,

But still you hate.

I am too human,

But not the same.

I am just me,

But you still chain me.

I too am human,

But not the idea of perfection

I am not wrong, 

But I am me.

I am not beautiful,

But still I smile.

I am not perfect,

But still I believe.

I am not strong,

But still I fight.

I am too human,

But just not the same.

I love as I love,

But still you hate.

I do not hate you,

But you hate me.

I am too human,

But not as you are.

I am too human,

But you try to hurt me.

I am happy as I am,

But now you weep.

I am too human,

But stronger than you think.

Just a poem, meet me with your eyes closed